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What is a Mop Sauce?

Mop Sauce by Eric Kleinberg

Credit: the Spruce / Eric Kleinberg


A Mop Sauce is a thin vinegar based barbecue sauce that is usually spiced with salt, black pepper, and/or red pepper. The sauce is used to baste the meat on the grill and on a larger scale. It ensures the meat doesn't dry up and allows the flavors to sink all the way to the bone.

The "Mop" portion of the name comes from the tool used to baste the meat with the sauce, a meat mop. Legend has it that the best pitmasters would cook over huge firepits and use an actual mop to spread the sauce over their dishes. 

Mop sauces are a good addition to any barbecue. Our mop sauce works great with whole hogs, ribs, chicken, beef brisket, beef shoulder, clod on vegetables and can be even used just as a marinate!


Mop Sauce -The Legacy

"This is the roots behind the mop sauce, my grandad John L Solomon, who served in WW2. Once he returned back to his home town, Royal, Florida, he enjoyed barbecuing and spending time with his family. This is where he perfected the "Mop Sauce". This Mop Sauce has been passed down from generation to generation, and now everybody can enjoy it. This is part of his legacy in a bottle. I am doing best to share it with the world."

- Thyron Mathews Jr.

Thryon Mathews Grandpa (John L Solomon)

John L Solomon

Thryon Mathews Mom (Momma Pal)

Momma Pal

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